Welcome note from JRB:

My name is JR, and I am JRtheBand. Thanks to the convergence of digital technology and sonic engineering expertise, the world is any musician's playground. That means not only did I write and compose all of my songs, but I also sing and play most of the instrumental parts, except drums and keys. All of my songs were written first on the acoustic guitar and then built instrumentally from there. My attitude toward music is this: Good songs are to the ear what standing and looking over the edge of the Grand Canyon is to the eyes. While the beauty of any art is in the eye (or ear) of the beholder if the art evokes an emotional response, we are affected in profound ways. 


You'll find my songs categorized three ways here: Acoustic guitars only; Full band instrumental; finally - Lyrics and vocals. If you are interested in song-crafting, you might pick one song at a time. Start by listening to the acoustic version of the song first by clicking "Acoustics" from the home page, then hit the "Instrumentals" section, finally the "Vocals" section for that song. Either way, thanks for checking out my music!

JRB believes everyone should strive to make your passion your purpose, and is on a mission to release "New" Classic Rock with that in mind.



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