My name is JR & my band is JRTheBand.

My name is Jeremy, my friends call me JR, and this is my story. Like so many of us, I am just another random guitar player who writes songs and melodies. Throughout my conscious memory, I can remember humming tunes to myself in the form of electric guitar solos, basslines, and chord progressions. Occasionally, the themes would form into a song. After a significant life event in the Summer of 2018, a bolt of clarity hit me. The time had come to answer a few nagging questions, for instance: If I could devote the time to nurture a few of my melodies into fully formed songs - with a chorus, verse, bridge, etc. - how great could they be? Sure, artists are over-confident about their songs. Maybe I am too, but I have heard the potential for too long - it was time to put my money where my inner-ear is. I felt such a strong pull to see if I could physically perform these melodies so I could record them. Once I was able to do that, surprisingly, I found myself wanting to know if other people could find meaning in my songs. In today's day and age, there are numerous, exciting ways for creators to get their original content directly to consumers. I'd finally run out of excuses for not at least attempting to physically manifest my songs the way they sound in my head. The result is what you can hear on this website and the major streaming sites - my first published singles. I could never have imagined this process would open the creative floodgates as it has. Stay tuned for more original music to come, and if you like the tunes, please get on the contact list for new releases. Cheers --JRB

My buddy Rob, aka "YT Manderelli" swung by the studio to help me record Jamaica. He is the owner of the booming baritone voice rapping over the chorus parts. Whenever YT stops by, you never know when he might bust out the beat box!

Jeremy Parker (far left) is the man behind the mix. 'JP' is the master engineer at Premier Studios. He's received multiple grammies for his mixing wizardry, including his work with one of my favorite female-led bands of all-time, Evanescence. Next to him is Jeff Stanley, the drummer you hear on most of my songs to date. That's me far right taking the selfie ;)

Cary Truelick, the owner of True Story Films, is one of my best longest-time buddies, and a great keyboard player. I asked him to help me explore the sonic dimensions a piano could add on a few of my tunes, like "Live My Grace."

That guy that's crushing the drum set in studio? That's Jeff Stanley, rock drummer extraordinaire. Jeff takes a progressive approach to the drums, deftly alternating between keying off the bassline and the lead guitar melody for the drumbeat. You have to hear Jeff's approach to appreciate the unique power dimension his drums add to the songs.

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