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Skope Mag | Stray Dog Video Review

Written Reviews


JRtheBand’s new video for the song “Rocketship” is a top notch, high class production.   It features soaring drone footage of Four Peaks, Arizona by Carson Cloud, along with the upward spiraling song and its message.


Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and composer JRtheBand returns to DCWS, following his feature for “Blind Eye Beholder”, to unveil the brand new music video for his song, “Rocketship”.


We are stoked to introduce the DCWS audience to JR, a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer for his project JRtheBand.


Song Review - 'Rocket Ship'

"Rocket ship" has a real classic rock vibe, and seems to have a bit of a country music influence as well. The acoustic guitars shine like a starlit night on this track, and set a perfect back drop to the overall feel of the production.


Song Premiere - 'Rocket Ship'

JRtheBand throws a pure, full balladeer’s energy into this project, as “Rocketship” will show you. It’s glorious.

Please Pass The Indie

Review - 'Blind Eye Beholder'

An articulate and versatile artist, JRtheBand has released a new relatable rock single titled "Blind Eye Beholder." A resonate, bright acoustic guitar opens up the tune as a rock drum groove leads listeners to JR's lively vocals.

Indie Spoonful

Review - 'Stray Dog'

Channeling a diverse and eclectic range of influences, JR's mission is to find common ground among us and keep rock alive. Under the surface of his sound, fans discover stories about complex human emotions.

A&R Factory


Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist JRtheBand dropped the video to their single Stray Dog on July 30th. If you’ve forgotten how it feels to experience a fresh new take on Alt-Rock which speaks to your soul, hit play.


Review - 'Footprints in the Sand'

Previously impressing with the tracks “Statue” and “Good Gracious Love,” JRtheBand succeeds again with the engaging “Footprints in the Sand.” 


'Good Gracious Love' is a stirring success

A charismatic, gliding guitar lead is accompanied by sporadic accompanying twangs to start, alongside suave and timeless-sounding vocals.


JRtheBand releases a single called ‘Good Gracious Love’

His vocal sound is varied and unique sounding. Since he could remember he has been humming tunes to himself and after a life-changing event, he suddenly realised that he should turn those hums into songs. 


Review - 'Statue'

“Statue” is a stirring new track from JRtheBand, with lyrics reflecting the height of panic that sleep paralysis brings.


A New Track Called 'Not the Enemy' Great Tune

This new track has nice guitar and drums connection, The vocals were precise and clear, great storytelling, you knew what he was talking about and could identify with it.


JRtheBand just released his fourth single of the year, 'Not the Enemy'

What a refreshing artist! JRtheBand is unusual enough to intrigue, musically skillful enough to captivate and entertain, and lyrically fascinating enough to feel genuinely new.


JRtheBand X YT Manderelli Releases Fun 'Jamaica' Track'

Their new fun single “Jamaica” has arrived. The title is  a metaphor for breaking the chains holding you back from pursuing your passion in life.

Written Interviews

W.P. Carey News

New Notes on Sales

JR and the ASU W.P. Carey School of Business discuss the major changes and challenges that led to the alum developing his craft. 


Blind Eye Beholder Video

An interview on the direction and inspiration behind the Lyric video for "Blind Eye Beholder"


'Hell of a Guy, Makin Hella Good Music, JRtheBand'

I have recently gotten to have correspondence with one of my personal favorite independent artists JRthBand...


@Skopemag Q&A

JRTheBand isn’t exactly a band, nor is it a one-man-band. It’s JR (real name, Jeremy), along with a drummer, Jeff Stanley. However, JR is the driving force behind this music, and took a little time to tell us about himself.


10 Questions Music Interview

JR is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and composer of modern rock anthems. JR's mission is to find common ground among us and keep rock alive by channeling a diverse and eclectic range of influences.


Artist of the Day JRtheBand Has Desire and Potential to Relay His Messages!

It's amicable that as an artist, JRtheBand remains honest and consistent with his music, ensuring that what he's sharing with his listeners is as authentic as it can get.

JRtheband is an independent singer-songwriter out of Phoenix, Arizona.

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